Eat, Love, & Be Vulnerable – Guest Post

Today I am writing about my cross-cultural marriage at Sarah’s beautiful blog.

Cindy post

Marriage is already a vulnerable thing. Sharing the most intimate aspects of life together tugs at our pride, requiring us to shed any sort of self-protective mechanism. Add the cross-cultural element to marriage, and we are looking at vulnerability multiplied. But I suppose we can console ourselves in that when we are extra weak, we are extra strong.

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Culture Wars Don’t Lend Constructive Dialogue – Thoughts on Planned Parenthood

Start the conversation about life right

Not too long after being introduced to John 3:16, I was taught Psalm 139:13. Now that I am a Christian, it’s important I understand that Christians are anti-abortion, that life begins at conception, that terminating life is nothing short of murder. Throughout college, I carried the cause of the Pro-Life movement in a symbol tacked […]

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Do This Before You Add One More Thing to Your “Busy” Schedule


This post is part 6 of my Summer Series featuring each of the Ten Christian Voices We Can’t Ignore from my e-book, Outside In, which you can get for free by subscribing to my newsletter here. I will be inviting guest posts, adapting parts of my book, and sharing original ideas. I hope you will follow along and […]

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Heavy Boy, Light Girl – SheLoves


It is frustrating, for those of us who only know the lightning speed of information travel and enjoy the amplification of social media broadcasting, to remember just how long it takes for cultural change to take root. In our haste for liberation, and even though justice delayed is justice denied, we must remember that lasting change […]

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When God Changed With Me


“I can feel Your love in this place ~~” the chorus blasts at full volume, skilfully performed by the worship band on stage. I felt nothing. No matter how many times they repeated the musical phrase, each time with increasing resonance complete with climactic chord changes, I felt nothing. I fiddled around in my purse, […]

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