SheLoves – Thin Places

It has been a great joy to be contributing at SheLoves Magazine getting to know the round up of amazing writers and Christian women at that space. Today, I’m up with my latest piece on fighting for justice in the way of Jesus.

Sometimes, as Jesus activists preparing to fight the holy wars against injustice, we pick up the same tools as the oppressors. We are taught that the only way to make a difference is through power, influence, and domination. We believe the best way to win the argument is through our intellect—crafting the most well articulated proposition. We think the surest way to eliminate injustice is by reaching the wealthiest donors or by gaining the most impressive social media stats.

We internalize the ideology that we must grow strong in order to protect the vulnerable.

I would be so honored if you would head over there to read the rest.


Life Changers – Blog Tour Edition

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind of a month so far as I have launched my first FREE e-book out into the world. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has shared  it, downloaded it, and read it. I’m thankful to have my words accompany a small part of your life. As part of my book […]

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You Don’t Need to Tell Me You Don’t Agree

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This happens often. Before someone quotes or highlights or refers to another person’s remarks, they preface it with, “I don’t agree with everything but…” then proceed to say something that they liked. I hear it in conversation with others, I see it on social media, and I read it in books. In fact, the sentiment […]

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Life Changers – 3/28/15

I am more than excited to share all the great reads around the Internet this week with you. So let’s get started! The wonderful Lauren Winner is coming out with a new release titled “Wearing God.” The title alone sounds terrifically intriguing, and I always say there can never be enough metaphors we use to […]

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A Love Worth Celebrating

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Last year on our anniversary I wrote about how our celebration was not magical, and how that was okay with me. This year, it was perfect. I didn’t suffer a terrible cold (like last year), and I felt beautiful. I put on a dress I’ve had since we were dating (that’s 15+ years ago) and […]

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