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Child Abuse in the Near-Sacrifice of Isaac

Photo credit: rzrxtion (pronounced resurrection) on Visualhunt / CC BY “The history of childhood is a nightmare from which we have only recently begun to awaken,” says psychoanalyst Lloyd DeMause, who has uncovered extensive research that reveal pre-20th century, every single parent child relationship would be prosecuted for abuse and neglect. Infanticide, abandonment, child battery,…

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Rising from A Fundamentalist Childhood

What I don’t want is for the children to have to exile parts of themselves and having to put themselves back together like I had to, I want them to grow as whole selves, from childhood and beyond.

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Race for Lost Time

That total depravity thing really threw me off my game in my youth. The T in TULIP cramped my style big time. I spent a lot of energy as a young person and a young Christian denying myself as part and parcel of following Jesus. Which complicated my personal and spiritual development when the teenage…

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Coming Face to Face with Fear

My family and I watched an episode of Brain Games on the topic of superstition one evening. It was about how the amazing powerhouse situated in between our ears helps us learn, think, do a host of intricate tasks, but also tricks us into believing things that have no rational basis—such as knocking on wood…

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