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A few years ago, at the height of my faith deconstruction, I was being swallowed whole by cynicism. My soul was so raw, the naivete of my childhood faith ruthlessly stripped away as I was learning hard lessons in the world. I don’t even remember how I behaved outwardly at the time, friends tell me…

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Tired of Justice

“Which chapter has been the hardest to write?” My friend Kate asks as I express anxiety at the overwhelming task I had writing a chapter on racism in my Unfundamentalist Parenting book. “All of them,” as I recall recently finishing my chapter on economic justice as it relates to children—how enormous the challenges we face in our…

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7 Reasons to Stop Seeking the Will of God

“Just pray about it.” This is the phrase we throw around in Christian culture when someone needs to make a decision. “I prayed about it and God said to…” What we say after we’ve made the decision. The idea is that one must carefully discern each step of life to stay on a divinely ordained…

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Attending a White Conference – Follow Up

“This conference isn’t made for me,” my new friend Drew says to me by the fireplace in Calvin College’s Prince Conference Room at the Festival of Faith & Writing. “It isn’t made with my needs in mind.” I nod in understanding, because of course it wasn’t. It was presented for the majority white people who…

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What I’m learning – Intersectionality

I heard someone say that facebook is who you went to school with and twitter is who you wish you went to school with. It was on twitter where I first learned of the term “Intersectionality.” Most of the people I follow on twitter are 120% smarter than me, so often it’s like cracking open…

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