He’s Not That into You

People who are in a relationship sometimes have their judgment clouded by the intense feelings that surround every relationship dynamic. For instance, recently a girl friend started dating a boy who does not treat her with the respect and kindness I think she deserves. When I pointed it out to her, she says to me,…

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The Most Subversive Act of All

When I tell my story of faith shifting, moving from the conservative evangelicalism of my youth to my now quite-progressive-faith, I always refer to the start of my blogging career as the turning point of moving towards wholeness. This is the truth. The years before I began tapping words out into the internet, I was…

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That Time I Hated Someone

Growing up conservative Christian there were a lot of protocols. Christian culture can be very formulaic. There were the prayers you had to pray a certain way, the testimonies of prescribed narratives that you told, and cookie cutter advice you gave to people in crisis. One particular policy procedure was how to proceed when you…

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Should Our Children Submit or Subvert?

Progressive Christian parenting is exhausting.  On the one hand we want to raise social justice warriors—kids who champion against inequality, care for the vulnerable, and subvert the power systems in our world by embodying the prophetic ways of Jesus. We want to activate their imagination and hope they do better than we did. Whether we…

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Real Life Update

Dear readers, To tell a good story we must live a good story. As a blogger I run the risk of being publicly known only for my words. There are some out there who perhaps read my blog to judge me, or are merely curious what I have to say. But I know many of…

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