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Raising Children Un-Fundamentalist with Peter Enns

Thank you so much for following along the Raising Children Un-Fundamentalist series. For those new to the series, welcome! I talk about power dynamics between parent/child in part 1, (not) talking to kids about hell in part 2, letting children live their own story in part 3, and how to raise children with a vibrant…

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Five Things Blogging Taught Me About the Bible

Writing has taught me a lot about sentence structure and grammar, but more importantly, it has shown me how to make connections, to practice vulnerability and to pay attention to our world. Specifically, it’s given me a deeper appreciation for other written content; words I used to simply consume without much consideration for how they…

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Can We Take Christ out of the Church? (Answer’s no.)

There is a lot of disillusionment with the church. My post on Ten Reasons Not to Go to Church is still garnering page views more than a week after I posted it, and I am a nobody in the blogosphere. People (aka that which the Church consists of) disappoint, and we figure out ways to…

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