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Self Doubt, Vulnerability, Lessons from Writing

I feel like I have been running a sprint. Ever since I committed to writing this past year, I have searched high and low for nooks and crannies of my life to find space in which to fit this endeavor. Between my part time job and feeding the Brandt Clan, I left myself little margin…

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When Captain America does NOT save my day – My Messy Beautiful

This is the story of how our thirteenth anniversary screwed me over. Week 1 A week before the actual anniversary, my seven year old son got ill with the flu. For six days he burned  with a high fever along with a string of severe symptoms: vomiting, violent coughing, both restlessness and lethargy. By the…

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Can We Take Christ out of the Church? (Answer’s no.)

There is a lot of disillusionment with the church. My post on Ten Reasons Not to Go to Church is still garnering page views more than a week after I posted it, and I am a nobody in the blogosphere. People (aka that which the Church consists of) disappoint, and we figure out ways to…

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