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When Believers Do Not Believe

I have come to think people of faith are the most unbelieving bunch. In everyday parenting, there comes situations when I have to question my children on what they have done or not done, said or not said. If they sense that I have any trace of disbelief in their answer, their plea for me…

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Deal Breakers for Church

I confess I have quite a few deal breakers when it comes to church. For one, egalitarianism is a must. My road to feminism is a slow one. I have always been confident, from my immature pride as a teen girl to an emerging strength of identity as an adult, I feel as though I…

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Let’s Talk About Sin

Because it’s been a while. I have all but ousted the word “sin” from my Christian lexicon, referring instead to the more palatable-sounding, “brokenness,” or the human “problem”. As a bilingual, cross cultural worker, and a writer—I believe as Christians we have much liberty to constantly re-imagine the words we use to speak of our…

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