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Attending a White Conference – Follow Up

“This conference isn’t made for me,” my new friend Drew says to me by the fireplace in Calvin College’s Prince Conference Room at the Festival of Faith & Writing. “It isn’t made with my needs in mind.” I nod in understanding, because of course it wasn’t. It was presented for the majority white people who…

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Life Changers – RCU Edition

Writing News: As many know, I have been writing my second book on Raising Children UnFundamentalist. My big news in this publishing journey is that I have signed a literary agent who will represent me to publishers who may be interested in this book. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know much of what the…

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Do This Before You Add One More Thing to Your “Busy” Schedule

This post is part 6 of my Summer Series featuring each of the Ten Christian Voices We Can’t Ignore from my e-book, Outside In, which you can get for free by subscribing to my newsletter here. I will be inviting guest posts, adapting parts of my book, and sharing original ideas. I hope you will follow along and…

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Five Things Blogging Taught Me About the Bible

Writing has taught me a lot about sentence structure and grammar, but more importantly, it has shown me how to make connections, to practice vulnerability and to pay attention to our world. Specifically, it’s given me a deeper appreciation for other written content; words I used to simply consume without much consideration for how they…

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Self Doubt, Vulnerability, Lessons from Writing

I feel like I have been running a sprint. Ever since I committed to writing this past year, I have searched high and low for nooks and crannies of my life to find space in which to fit this endeavor. Between my part time job and feeding the Brandt Clan, I left myself little margin…

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