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A quick and fairly boring update

When we moved out of our home in Tianjin, we felt like we packed and packed and packed and there were still more stuff. This week, we moved into our new place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and we unpacked and unpacked and unpacked and still there were more. Conclusion: we have too much stuff. This week…

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Finally a Local

I spent about seven years (college and seminary) in America as first an International student, and then an “alien” spouse. (why oh why do they use that word to describe non natives?) Then we relocated to China for five and a half years as definite foreigners. Finally, we’ve moved to a place where I was…

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Why we recycle…and only want two kids

Between the two of us, Jason is the bigger treehugger. I’m always a bit uncomfortable when he talks about recycling and how he induces paranoia in our daughter when it comes to leaving lights on in the house. Mainly because I fear being labeled a crazy liberal environmentalist. But our reasons for recycling are really…

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Talk around the dinner table

Food is one of my greatest passions. You know how most people go out to dinner with friends and family, and they just enjoy the conversation along with the food? Well, I enjoy the food along with the conversation. And planning meals out and looking forward to the food takes up a large percentage of…

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