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What our days are like

I just got an email from a supporter asking us exactly what we are doing in Taiwan. I realize perhaps we haven’t been very clear in our correspondence (newsletter and blogging). Then I realized perhaps we haven’t been very clear because we ourselves haven’t been clear. After all, our whole reason for leaving China was…

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It’s always somebody’s Lizzy or Hayden

I read this story on NPR today: And it really resonated with me. Every mother can probably relate to this: after giving birth to children, all the news stories, victims of tragedies that involve children, hits harder on the heart. When we experience the immense love we have for our kids, we can also…

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Hayden’s preschool (part 2)

Went to school with Hayden this morning and observed another cultural difference. I figure I better document all this for all my expat friends who might eventually consider sending their children to Chinese local schools. I remember last year at Lizzy’s International school, they had a Sports Day. There were several activities, potato sacks, relays,…

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Hayden’s Preschool

It’s deja vu. Three years ago, we sent Lizzy to Chinese preschool in Tianjin. It was a completely local, Montessori preschool just like the one Hayden is going to now. At that time, our plan was to send Lizzy straight through the local system until perhaps 2 or 3rd grade so she can have a…

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