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This Christmas

This Christmas, we at the MAK school family, rocked a cynicism blasting, injustice butt kicking, poverty fighting campaign by raising an incredible US$16,000+ to provide clean water for children in Cambodia. It’s cliche and kind of untrue to say it’s not about the money. After all, it is with these very funds that water purification…

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Boundaries in Family

I’ve been reading Boundaries for Kids, the infamous Boundaries book by Cloud and Townsend adapted for parents. So far, I dig it. The book fleshes out some of the principles I use in parenting my children, and offers some very practical advice in various situations. From what I’ve read (I’ve never actually read the original…

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Living a Good Story

I just finished reading the book by Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand years. It’s all about his process of making a movie about his life, and whether he is living a story worth telling. I couldn’t stop chuckling my way through the book, his dry humor kept me entertained in those sweet…

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