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Boba Tea aka a High Ranking Love of My Life

Us Taiwanese have our challenges.  We cannot fly our own flag at the Olympics. We cannot grow very tall.  We cannot let go of our obsession over Hello Kitty. But we lay claim to introducing the world to the ingenious beverage that is Boba Tea. Let’s first talk origins.  Now I have personally read heartrending…

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Continuing the conversation on false assumptions of Chinese displays of affection, Kimberly asked this question:  “Is criticism from Chinese mothers a display of genuine love?” This is a loaded question mainly because we move into the territory of defining what “love” is, which differs widely even within America’s own culture.  Needless to say, trying to…

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I love you = Wo Ai Ni?

Language is so much more than the words we utter.  Along with verbiage, our communication is expressed through tone, body language, and cultural implications.  Living in the cross section of American and Chinese culture, the missed layers of communication I observe between members of the respective cultures is at best humorous, and at worst, cause…

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