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For The Love of Typhoons

There are all kinds of storms brewing around us.  Typhoon Tembin has been threatening to invade our small tropical island for daaaays.  Seriously, this is the most wishy washy typhoon I’ve ever met, she looks like she’s heading this way, but then she’s taking her sweet time, giving the weather forecasters and the general public…

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Names, Numbers, Formulas

I just finished up the third week of my new job as an administrative assistant at the school.  My responsibilities include sorting through student applications, compiling lists on excel worksheets, processing information on school demographics records, pulling up attendance reports, and doing this with efficiency and accuracy.  Names, numbers, formulas. Don’t get me wrong, I…

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My Daughter and the Gilmore Girls

I know it’s totally last decade but I’ve been watching the Gilmore Girls while I exercise on my treadmill.  Some nights when Jason is working I’ll watch some episodes in bed by myself.  He won’t watch it with me, go figure.  Last night he walked in on me tearing up to Luke and Lorelai breaking…

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