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Authentic Living

Authenticity has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years. People are drawn to others who are real, raw, and brutally honest. In this modern age of photoshopped visuals, well crafted rhetoric, and a dizzying number of infographics and memes with questionable sources, we all are looking for the real deal; what hasn’t been…

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Thrusting Sharp Pencils

My kids were working on math work books over Fall break one morning (their white Dad made them do this, I promise, I don’t care if they suck at math), when Lizzy tattled on her brother, “Mom, Hayden is thrusting his sharp pencil at me!” For those uninitiated in dealings with children, these kinds of…

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Life Changers 10/25/13

A little hyperbole never hurt anyone. The things I invest time reading, making, watching, admiring; they make me who I am. In that sense, they do change my life. I only share, because I care. Enjoy! I have such MAD respect for photographers. The patience, perseverance, and imagination it requires in massive proportions to capture…

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Can We Take Christ out of the Church? (Answer’s no.)

There is a lot of disillusionment with the church. My post on Ten Reasons Not to Go to Church is still garnering page views more than a week after I posted it, and I am a nobody in the blogosphere. People (aka that which the Church consists of) disappoint, and we figure out ways to…

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Behind the Scenes of Blogging

It’s been about three weeks since I revamped my blog and committed to blogging more seriously.  It has already been a fun adventure of meeting new people and learning new things. One of my favorite aspects of blogging has been shifting into a writer’s mindset. I notice details I glossed over previously, seeking inspiration in static…

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