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Expat Thanksgiving

This is my 12th Thanksgiving to celebrate with my American family. It is bizarre trying to create a family tradition I did not grow up with. I am Chinese and I don’t really like turkey, unless it looks like this:   This is what I DID grow up eating – traditional Taiwanese cuisine – turkey…

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Guest Post at Communicating Across Boundaries

Today I’m writing over at Communicating Across Boundaries. Marilyn Gardner graciously offered me a place at her blog to speak into the condition which plagues so many of us TCKs (Third Culture Kids): loneliness. Here’s what I say: It is difficult for me to even form these words because it is a painful truth:perhaps there is…

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Guest Posting for the American Jesus

I am excited to be guest posting over at Zack Hunt’s awesome-ous blog, the American Jesus today. I talk about how the Church needs to listen to Louis C.K and allow ourselves to lament: It’s not comfortable to be sad. We have figured out ways to avoid it with our stuff, our feel-good testimonies, and…

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7 Ways to Raise Justice Minded Children

My two kids are stunning. I mean, they’re perfect. Wait, what I’m trying to say, is I think rather highly of them. My husband and I, like most parents, try our best to raise them and instill our values so they become our minions grow up to be responsible citizens of the world. One of…

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Compassion or pity? and Friendship as Justice

Overheard on a Facebook conversation last week: “There is really not much difference between compassion and pity when it comes to being on the receiving end of it.” This thought gave me pause as I consider compassion to be a central tenet of biblical justice, and yet, I experience this to be true. We use…

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