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Don’t Resolve to be Someone You’re Not

Some of my favorite people in the world are crass, wildly inappropriate, and slightly neurotic. I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe because I admire (envy) their defiance of social conventional norms, or because they give me permission to express my own neuroses. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re constantly negative and raging, don’t expect to…

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Guest Post – Christmas Overseas

I’m privileged to be writing over at Communicating Across Boundaries again today with a Christmas post: While consumerism drives the secular world into a frenzy with pinterest pretty decorations and glamorous bags of gifts, all God’s people are driven ragged with a similar impulse to pack the calendar full of evangelistic events, and we emerge…

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The Un-Spiritual Retreat

How’s everyone doing, y’all doing alright? One week until Christmas, anyone becoming undone? No? Good, I’m glad. I, am on vacation, and am slightly delirious about it. I hit a low point last week, in which I physically emitted a deep groan in response to life. Nothing major, just reached the brink of sanity and…

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Selfless Good Deed?

“Where charity stands watching and faith hold wide the door the dark night wakes – the glory breaks, Christmas comes once more.” – Phillips Brooks Non profits ramp up their marketing efforts during the holiday season in order to benefit from the time of the year associated with giving. Something about the lights and the…

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Fourteen Thoughts on Responsible Faith

It almost seems like an oxymoron to associate the word Responsible with Faith. We tend to think of faith as child-like: innocent, naive, and pure. Being a person of great faith means doing a-typical things, the hard and radical choices to reflect the unlimited strength which can only come from God. Thus, being responsible and…

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