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Finding the Face of God

Over a meal, my daughter wondered what God looked like. She figures we’ll find out when we get to heaven. *PSA for Sunday School Teachers: do not threaten the gospel on children. As in, ask Jesus into your heart otherwise HELL.* If all we speak of the good news is a salvation to heaven, children,…

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TCKs and Tired Conversations

When the question is asked, “where are you from?” Most  people give a straightforward answer. TCKs tell really long winded stories involving our parents’ career choices with boring political/historical details. Then one of two things happen: 1) The person reacts with strong interest and curiosity and fires lots of questions. In my case, people often…

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First Time Donating Blood

My hands and feet got cold and clammy. My knees became a bit weak and I felt faint and on the verge of passing out. This was BEFORE I gave blood for the first time today. I was one of those kids who was deathly afraid of needles. My mother wrote notes citing religious reasons…

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Extraordinarily Ordinary

Who is breaking the internet today? Which viral post is infecting your newsfeed right now? Clickety clickety click. Website copy is designed as click-bait; our attention is being vied for every which way. It is getting increasingly difficult to focus on what is primary. Drama sells. Scandal sells. What is ordinary does not. As a blogger,…

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