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Wheaton Students Tell More than a Single Story

We may not all be rich. We don’t all have successful careers. We aren’t all healthy. But the one thing we all have, are stories. From the beginning of time, we have thrived on connecting via stories. We consume stories for leisure, speak our stories for sanity, and create stories to capture our imagination. We…

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Just Enough

Hey guys! I’m working really hard on writing for various platforms. Sometimes, this means I can’t get around to posting on my own blog. For those who have recently followed my blog, I hope you enjoy this one from the vaults. I polished up this old post I had written in 2012. Thanks so much…

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What Frozen Teaches us about Power, Privilege, and Community

Just as polar vortices sweep through America, Elsa, one of the main characters in the latest Disney princess movie, Frozen, unleashes her icy power in the fictional kingdom Arendelle, across theaters everywhere. In addition to delighting progressive audiences by satirizing Disney’s own trope of “marriage at first sight”, the story compels viewers, young and old,…

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