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Thirteen Misconceptions of International Marriages

Today my husband and I celebrate thirteen years of marriage. After all these years, sometimes it is still jarring to look in the mirror and be reminded we have different color skin. Not only are we a mixed race couple, we are actually of different nationalities. Because of our unique situation, people are often curious…

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When Life Gives you Red Bean

A lifetime ago, we led a team of college students from America on a short term missions trip to China. During one of our evening worship sessions, we participated in communion with bread from the local bakery to represent the body of Jesus. “This is my body, which is broken for you. Do this in…

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The Way We Win Matters

The classic sci fi novel “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card was adapted on to the big screen in November 2013. The story tells of a brilliant boy, Ender, who trained to battle in a world threatened by a formidable alien race. In the final battle sequence, Ender skillfully devises the perfect strategy, carrying it…

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Oh Look, It’s my Birthday!

Hey there, Birthday Girl, Wow, it’s been thirty six years I’ve known you. We went through quite a few rough patches there in Middle School with the zits and the braces and the little pudge- pudge on your changing body. Then in High School, when self consciousness threatened to crush us, we pretended to be…

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