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I am an Angry Christian

**Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support and response to the Terrible Christian Series. I have been thrilled to share the stories of my friends on here, but I’m also excited to be back for the final post in the series.** Anger has a bad rap. Anger is in bed with violence, destruction, vitriol. Unchecked anger…

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I am a Lazy Christian

**This is post number two, of the I am a Terrible Christian Series. My friend Courtney wrestles with how the Protestant work ethic infused into the Church’s teachings threatens her family life with guilt.** “Mommy, are we poor?” My seven-year old had spent the afternoon at a friend’s three-story suburban home, running in and out of…

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I am a Sad Christian

**This is the first installment of the I am a Terrible Christian Series. I shared in the grief of my friend Iris, just a mere three days before I gave birth to my own baby boy, as she lost hers. And now, I am humbled to share her words here in this space. Iris, thank…

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Terrible Christian Series

When I wrote this piece a while back on the lack of space within the church for lament, I noticed there is a whole host of negative emotions we are wary of attaching with Christianity. We are uncomfortable with the angry Christian, the depressed Christian, the grieving Christian, the doubting Christian, the shameful Christian, and more. Christian culture…

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Easter, the Game Changer

Something has gone awry in our culture when we begin to tell the Resurrection story from a narrative of “The Good Guy Wins”. We love seeing the good guys kick ass. We celebrate rugged heroes like Jack Bauer from the hit TV show 24 – even when they kill. There is that chuckle inducing scene…

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