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You Will See Greater Things

Every time I go to restock my face cream at the cosmetics vendor, inevitably the sales ladies point out the fact my skin is particularly dry. Oh wait, not just dry, they say, they are also seeing signs of crow’s feet and gasp! some dark circles under my eyes. They masquerade as skincare health professionals…

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It’s not All or Nothing (re: Social Media)

One day, my daughter left her homework at school. After some cross-examination gentle probing, we figured she left it in the library. I suggested perhaps it is because she was having so much fun hanging out with her friends she neglected her responsibility of bringing home her homework. The next day, she climbs into my…

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Bending the Rules

I was 19 weeks pregnant with my second child, holding my husband’s hand and trying to decipher the elusive ultrasound image in the OB/GYN’s office in Beijing, China. Plastered on the wall of the exam room is a poster of the hospital’s official policy, stating compliance with the Chinese government to refrain from unveiling the…

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7 Ways TCKs Lived ahead of the Digital Era

If you are a TCK, like me, who remembers growing up without the internet, you may have noticed some trends in people’s behavior online these days that aren’t so foreign to you. Here are 7 ways TCKs are ahead of the times before the advent of the digital age. 1. Sustaining Long Distance Relationships. Long…

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