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Life Changers 10/31/14

In this week’s Life Changers, I want to highlight the report from Religion News Service on three Christian Conferences and their various approaches to GLBT issues. The first of these three conferences is already over. Some pretty major developments from it, in my opinion, where Albert Mohler says he was wrong in saying same-sex attraction…

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An Open Letter to Missionaries

Dear Missionaries, I like to tell people I’m a missionary convert, because I wear this genesis of my faith journey proudly like a badge of honor. I heard the story of Jesus from your lips, sang the songs of worship in your language, and prayed for the concerns in your heart. You taught me how…

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Life Changers 10/24/14

Hello everyone, it is time for another edition of Life Changers. I really did not think I could take on the pace of curating weekly content, but it has become one of my favorite blogg-y things to do. Because I love the internet! First up, for my fellow Daily Show fans, a sobering look at…

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My Cause is Better than Your Cause

A while back, a blog post speaking into the pain of miscarriage was making its rounds on the internet. Having never miscarried (that I know of), or grieved the death of any child, I asked my friend who lost her two month old son whether she felt highlighting the pain of miscarriage diminishes the story…

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Life Changers 10/19/14

As a contributor to the Sojourner’s blog, I felt so proud to see people from that community show solidarity in Ferguson on #MoralMonday, demanding justice at the cost of arrest. Lisa Sharon Harper says in this piece for CNN, Why I got Arrested in Ferguson: We read the names of unarmed black men who died…

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