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Life Changers – Podcast Edition

Before I move on with this week’s Life Changers, I just want to take a moment to address the #FergusonDecision which seems to have taken over all my social media feeds in a storm of high emotions and turmoil. Although I am not American, I know most of my readers are, and I just want…

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Book Review – Overrated by Eugene Cho

Why would you want to read a book by someone telling you you’re “Overrated”? Who tells you to “shut up” in chapter 4, and calls himself “Eugene the Dream Destroyer”? I call myself a social justice Christian on this blog. I believe in fighting for equality, obliterating poverty, environmental sustainability, and world peace. But Eugene…

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Life Changers 11/21/14

Welcome to this week’s Life Changers. I tell people I am more interested than being evangelized than evangelizing. It’s because I really do love listening to other people’s voices. I mean, really, I hear myself all the time. Theodicy. That’s a big word to describe why sh*t happens and why doesn’t God care. It’s a…

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Gospel, Not Glamour – at SheLoves

I’m delighted to join the community of SheLoves again this month featuring a piece titled, “Gospel, Not Glamour.” Theologian Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu, author of “Bridge to Wonder: Art as a Gospel of Beauty”, says this: “The opposite of beauty is not ugliness, it’s glamour.” The real affront to beauty is that which disguises as beauty, but…

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Life Changers 11/14/14

Reading and writing are intertwined. For every word I write, I consume hundreds. Our writings are not produced in a vacuum but in an ongoing conversation with the wider community. In a very real sense, what I’m reading each week sharpens my ideas, shapes my thinking, and indeed, changes my life. This week in Life…

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