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What I Learned Living Cross Culturally as a Christian

I have lived cross culturally almost my entire life. Born in Taiwan, I knew one language, one culture, and one worldview until I was introduced to the strange habits of the West at age 10. As my tongue adjusted to swirling out two diverse languages, I began to know life only by straddling both the…

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Life Changers – 12/26/14

The sun rises on the good and the evil, the rain falls on the just and unjust, Christmas happens to the happy and the sad. Regardless of whether your Christmas was merry or not, I pray everyone at least considered the possibility of hope that God did not leave us alone. God experienced our joys and…

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All I want for Christmas is the Gift of Uncertainty

Have you ever been enamored by a child’s sense of wonder? Their incredulous awe in myths like the tooth fairy and Santa, their wide-eyed anticipation of unwrapping a present? We are most inspired by the unknown.  A magic trick – how did they do it?! A movie with surprising plot twists. A news scandal shrouded…

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We Are Not Our Ideas

Today I am up at the wonderful SheLoves community speaking about ideas and how they don’t define the totality of our personhood. As a faith writer, I am expected to be a guardian of doctrinal orthodoxy. My words are often considered sacred because I speak of God. My stories and ideas, however, are simply snapshots…

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Life Changers – 12/12/14

The world will be saved by beauty. ~ Dostoevsky, The Idiot Welcome to this week’s installment of Life Changers, where I collect beautiful words around the internet. I know “slacktivism”, or “clicktivism”, the idea that clicking likes on Facebook posts constitutes making change, has received its share of criticism. But I still believe in the power…

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