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The Boy Who Did Not Come Back From Heaven

In 2010, the book, The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, was released. At the time, I believe I gave this news about 0.3% of my attention. 0.1% was spent lamenting terrible theology prevalent in popular Christian book market. I don’t believe we die and are snatched up to heaven, but that is subject for…

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Life Changers 1/23/15

I’m battling a pretty rough sinus infection at the moment, writing in between blowing my brains out. I suppose this would be a good week to lay low on blogging, but you know how Bible logic goes, when I am weak, then I am strong. So in the spirit of powering through, I present to you this…

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Blow God’s Freakin’ Mind

One of my favorite lines in the musical, Book of Mormon, is from the song, You and Me (But Mostly Me). The characters, Elder Cunningham and Elder Price, talk about their upcoming mission. Elder Price sings, “Something I’ve forseen…Now that I’m nineteen, I’ll do something incredible, That blows God’s freaking mind!” I crack up every…

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When Fey/Poehler Are My People

Living in a different time zone, I was not able to watch the live coverage of the Golden Globes but I turned to the next best thing: twitter. It didn’t take long before the newsfeed sounded out a collective gasp from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Bill Cosby rape joke: “Sleeping Beauty just thought she…

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Life Changers – 1/9/15

I talk about beauty in the margins. It’s in my blog header tagline. I claim it again in my first new post of the year. I feel more resolve than ever to look towards the margins, to listen to the stories of those in the margins of faith, society, and church. I feel sure that…

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