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Life Changers – 2/27/15

A quick writing update before moving on with Life Changers for this week. HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: I WROTE A BOOK!! I can’t believe it, I wrote a book! It’s for you – my blog readers – it’s my labor of love for you wonderful people! It will be a short, approx. 100 page ebook, and will…

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More Christian Than Celebrity

The biggest event of Hollywood industry has just wound down. The rich and glamorous have walked down the red carpet in their designer gowns, the famous people took home trophies, and the Oscars are over for another year. It is a lot of fun to ooh and aah over celebrities. I love to dole out opinions…

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Faith? It’s Complicated.

The Good Lord knew what He was doing when He ordained that I should marry an American man, because I would’ve been a terrible Chinese daughter-in-law. First of all, the submission to your husband thing? I’m an egalitarian, you see, and demanding equal status in an inherently hierarchical (and patriarchal) society makes me rather undesirable…

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We Don’t Need Sameness to Connect

I have never had the privilege of a faith community catered to my cultural background. Although born to a Taiwanese family, I was exposed to a western education (at age 10); far too young to relate to local Taiwanese children. And yet with my dark hair and yellow skin, love for barbecued squid on a…

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