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Life Changers – 3/28/15

I am more than excited to share all the great reads around the Internet this week with you. So let’s get started! The wonderful Lauren Winner is coming out with a new release titled “Wearing God.” The title alone sounds terrifically intriguing, and I always say there can never be enough metaphors we use to…

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A Love Worth Celebrating

Last year on our anniversary I wrote about how our celebration was not magical, and how that was okay with me. This year, it was perfect. I didn’t suffer a terrible cold (like last year), and I felt beautiful. I put on a dress I’ve had since we were dating (that’s 15+ years ago) and…

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What if Jesus wasn’t the Answer?

I gave up street evangelizing a long time ago. It was a short-lived career; a few weekends into town with a friend, praying for God to help us meet someone we can share Jesus with. It quickly (thankfully) became clear to me that this business of following God is much better done in the context…

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Five Things Blogging Taught Me About the Bible

Writing has taught me a lot about sentence structure and grammar, but more importantly, it has shown me how to make connections, to practice vulnerability and to pay attention to our world. Specifically, it’s given me a deeper appreciation for other written content; words I used to simply consume without much consideration for how they…

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Life Changers 3/6/2015

  Update on my E-book: after much agonizing and brainstorming over 30+ titles, I have finally decided on: Outside In: Ten Christian Voices We Can’t Ignore It’s a book about Christian hospitality – on creating space for people who for ten different reasons feel marginalized within church community. Please sign up for my mailing list…

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