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Still an Angry Christian

Last year, I wrote a post titled I am An Angry Christian, celebrating the gift of anger (which recently breathed new life on the angry women blog.) I’m glad I wrote it, as it serves as a manifesto for myself, a reminder of how my anger compels me to hope–especially since the time of that…

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He Left the Ninety-Nine Sheep For One

He left the ninety-nine sheep for one. Well, that’s a parable, it can’t be applied to the complexities of real society. We need order, organizational principles, and policies, these things are a necessary evil to ensure society functions without chaos.  He left the ninety-nine sheep for one. In principle, perhaps. In reality, what are we…

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Beyond the Numbers of the PEW Survey: is the Church Dying?

What is one of the first things new parents announce when their baby is born? 8 pounds 11 ounces. Proud parents share the birthweight of their bundle of joy, reveling in the amount of precious space junior has carved out in this world. It seems from the moment we are born, our lives are constrained…

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Life Changers – 5/15/15

Before I begin with Life Changers this week, I wanted to highlight a piece of my writing elsewhere on the internet today. I have been a faithful reader of Red Letter Christians for a long time, so I am honored and excited to join their contributor line-up with this post. I joined the SheLoves Red…

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SheLoves – Bolts of Color, Yards of Love

Along with my Bible degree I also hold a B.A. in Business. Even though I have mostly gone with Christian ministry as my career path, business will always be a part of my family DNA. It was so much fun to incorporate a little bit of my story with our family company into my writing…

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