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Let’s Talk About Sin

Because it’s been a while. I have all but ousted the word “sin” from my Christian lexicon, referring instead to the more palatable-sounding, “brokenness,” or the human “problem”. As a bilingual, cross cultural worker, and a writer—I believe as Christians we have much liberty to constantly re-imagine the words we use to speak of our…

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Why I Still Believe in the Christian Internet

When God chose to incarnate into human history, I’m pretty sure there was good reason God decided to leave a good 2,000 year margin between inaugurating Christianity and the invention of the internet. I mean, think about it. Would you rather be teaching your disciples spiritual truths in the calm breeze and idyllic beaches of…

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Raising Children Un-Fundamentalist with Peter Enns

Thank you so much for following along the Raising Children Un-Fundamentalist series. For those new to the series, welcome! I talk about power dynamics between parent/child in part 1, (not) talking to kids about hell in part 2, letting children live their own story in part 3, and how to raise children with a vibrant…

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Raising Children Un-Fundamentalist Part IV

This is part 4 of my blog series where I attempt to sort out the complexities of parenting as a Christian with an evolving faith. In part 1, I urge us to be thoughtful about the power dynamic between adults and children. In part 2, I address the role of fear in sharing our faith with children,…

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