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Life Changers 10/31/15

My friend Kim says, “Not every story has a fairy tale ending.” For those following my journey with friends battling cancer here in Taiwan, I am sorry to announce that Rick died on October 23 at 13:46, Taiwan time. I send my sincerest condolences to all of Rick’s loved ones. I did not know him,…

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I Like Your Christ, I Do Not Like Your Christian Language

I have lived many years overseas among expats, and have amassed a collection of joke fodder found in cross-cultural communication mishaps. As a bilingual person, it is often easy for me to step in as a translator, but sometimes it is just fun(ny) to watch people stumbling to get by. The best is when the frustrated…

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Real Life Update

Dear readers, To tell a good story we must live a good story. As a blogger I run the risk of being publicly known only for my words. There are some out there who perhaps read my blog to judge me, or are merely curious what I have to say. But I know many of…

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Why I Love Brene Brown as a Christian

Sometimes I think we have mistaken Christianity to be a coping mechanism. We confront this formidable enemy of death so we flip, flip, flip the pages of the Bible and grab on to the comforts of eternal life. We reel from the pain of heartbreak and turn to an all loving God—in God, our hearts…

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Writing News and Life-Changing Links

WRITING NEWS: I will be expanding my Raising Children Un-Fundamentalist blog series into a book. I am not chasing book deals. If a publisher comes knocking, great, if not, it’s never been simpler to self-publish. Thanks so much for sharing the series, and if you’re interested in the upcoming book, please stay connected and join…

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