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Inconspicuous Hope

“Whenever I’m approached by an evangelist – by a Christian missionary – I know I’m up against someone so obsessed and narrowly focused that it will do me absolutely no good to try and explain or share my own value system. I never want to be rude to them, of course, but never have any…

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Five Reasons to Reconsider Gender Specific Ministry

I don’t have a problem with a fun ladies’ night out. Some girl friends and I get together on a regular basis, we call ourselves the ATP (Afternoon Tea People) and we have a great time. I also write for a sisterhood blogging collective over at SheLoves Magazine where I have loved the fellowship I have…

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You are Raising a Good Kid

Big congrats to fellow Christian blogger, Rachel Held Evans, and her husband for the arrival of their baby boy. Rachel has helped me and so many others put words to our faith evolution, and as she becomes a mother, I am selfishly hopeful she will share some of her reflections on parenting with shifting faith.…

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Life Changers – RCU Edition

Writing News: As many know, I have been writing my second book on Raising Children UnFundamentalist. My big news in this publishing journey is that I have signed a literary agent who will represent me to publishers who may be interested in this book. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know much of what the…

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Let’s Talk About Sin…Again

I don’t like to talk about sin, you can read about that here. But I recognize that repentance, remorse, and redemption threads itself through the biblical narrative. I was reading through Psalms 51 of these words, “…blot out my transgressions. Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. Hide your face from…

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