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What Does Embodied Spirituality Mean to You?

One of the reasons I kissed evangelism goodbye is because of the troubling method of convincing our conversion target of their need to be saved. It’s Marketing 101, create the need then supply the solution. Both Christian establishment and global capitalism depend upon the same formula. The message we are bombarded with, both from secular…

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Attending a White Conference – Follow Up

“This conference isn’t made for me,” my new friend Drew says to me by the fireplace in Calvin College’s Prince Conference Room at the Festival of Faith & Writing. “It isn’t made with my needs in mind.” I nod in understanding, because of course it wasn’t. It was presented for the majority white people who…

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What I’m learning – Intersectionality

I heard someone say that facebook is who you went to school with and twitter is who you wish you went to school with. It was on twitter where I first learned of the term “Intersectionality.” Most of the people I follow on twitter are 120% smarter than me, so often it’s like cracking open…

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