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Tired of Justice

“Which chapter has been the hardest to write?” My friend Kate asks as I express anxiety at the overwhelming task I had writing a chapter on racism in my Unfundamentalist Parenting book. “All of them,” as I recall recently finishing my chapter on economic justice as it relates to children—how enormous the challenges we face in our…

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7 Reasons to Stop Seeking the Will of God

“Just pray about it.” This is the phrase we throw around in Christian culture when someone needs to make a decision. “I prayed about it and God said to…” What we say after we’ve made the decision. The idea is that one must carefully discern each step of life to stay on a divinely ordained…

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The Most Subversive Act of All

When I tell my story of faith shifting, moving from the conservative evangelicalism of my youth to my now quite-progressive-faith, I always refer to the start of my blogging career as the turning point of moving towards wholeness. This is the truth. The years before I began tapping words out into the internet, I was…

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The Fight for Unfundamentalist Christianity

Real talk: sometimes I don’t know why I’m writing a Christian book. Engaging in the Christian conversation publicly gets exhausting, especially because it has become so wrapped up in political culture wars. Ugly. Divisive. Draining. It has become extremely tempting to simply walk away. I feel done reading and writing the same old arguments, explaining…

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