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Deconstructing Heaven

As much as I find the Christian tradition, as well as other religious traditions’ versions of the after life fascinating, beautiful, and hopeful, I have to believe that it is also a total and complete mystery. Everyone last one of us is an agnostic about the after life if we are honest with ourselves. Whatever belief we have is speculation, no matter how earnestly that speculation may be held.

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Episode 21: Interfaith Parenting with Susan Katz Miller

One of the pillars of progressive faith parenting is inclusivity, connecting with people of all religions and faiths instead of drawing dogmatic boundaries. Because of this, I think it is a critical conversation to have with interfaith families and children who are raised to be religiously literate in more than one faith.

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Beth Moore and Fundamentalist Parenting

Isn’t that the Good News for our children? That they aren’t born to engage in power struggles against us, their parents? We welcomed them into our world so we can share in our power and joy and dreams. So we can have this life together of mutual giving and taking, where both parties enrich one another’s vision for what makes us whole.

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Am I Still a Christian?

Out here, in this messy web of personal identity and political association, I am weary of being a Christian, precisely because I am so uninterested in negotiating that identity.

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