Backyard Revolution Review

Backyard Revolution Review

Why You Should Invest In The Backyard Revolution?

In our day to day life, the usage of electricity is inevitable. To survive, we need proper electricity. Starting from home to workplace, to colleges or universities, and to most of the public places most of the work depends on electricity.

Also, we often experience situations, especially in homes when for the whole day there is no electricity and all the work, including laundry, cooking, ironing, and etc., piles up because we wait for the electricity to come. What if you have guests, but the electricity went out?

It is manageable if it happens once in a few months, but what if the electricity is not available for more than a day? Also, we can’t forget about the huge electricity bills every month which gobbles down most of the monthly income.

These issues indicate that an unstoppable electricity source at a minimal cost is needed. It is preferable to build your electricity resource at home that gives unlimited electricity at minimum cost. Also, that will help to reduce the electricity bills.

The Backyard Revolution program comes with a promise to lower the energy bills at a nominal cost. In this fair Backyard Revolution review, you will get to know how to save 65% of the energy bills and how to fill the inefficiency gap to capitalize the solar energy. Let’s get started.

Table of Content

  1. About the Creator of Backyard Revolution
  2. Backyard revolution Introduction
  3. Working of Backyard Revolution
  4. Pros of Backyard Revolution
  5. Cons of Backyard Revolution
  6. Bonus
  7. Conclusion

Backyard Revolution System

About the Creator of Backyard Revolution

This device is the creation of 42 years old Zack Bennett, who is a carpenter and living a happily married life in Orlando. He has a beautiful daughter named Julie. A dreadful night that he never experienced in life before when it was heavily raining and power was out. Then happened home invasion.

Zack wanted to confront, but his wife stopped him. He slowly got out of bed and opened the door. He heard the footsteps and felt powerless and more afraid about the other two lives too. The grid was down so they were unable to call 911.

In those moments, Zack swore if he gets the chance to make through this situation, he would make sure that get in that situation again. Luckily, that night Zack family survived. Then Zack started thinking about the solution and there was only one that is going on solar.

With very little savings and a small space at home, the solar solution was not applicable. He then started researching and stumbled on the small scale 3D solar array by 2012 MIT study that was tested and gave amazing results.

Backyard Revolution Introduction

It is an online beneficial course that has information about how to build a solar power generator in four hours at a low cost at home. This program is designed specifically to assist you step-by-step in building a 3D solar panel system.

This is the discovery of MIT scientists who came with the idea of using solar cells with zigzag position and occupies only 5% of the space as compared to the conventional solar cells. This way more power in a minimal cost can be achieved.

In addition to that, this device can protect at times of calamity, drought or other natural disasters. And helps in saving your income that goes into filling the energy bills.

Backyard Revolution PDF Plans

Working of Backyard Revolution

This device should be connected to the height building’s rooftop to derive direct energy from the sunlight. Daylight is efficiently collected by the solar cells adjusted to the perpendicular position through the solar panel.

This invention also has solar modules having an engine to adjust the position of the panels in such a way that they face directly towards the sun. The generated energy can be used for several daily-use appliances such as fridges, electric boilers, AC’s, charging mobiles and laptops and more.

People with zero electricity knowledge can use this system. As it has instructions to follow step-by-step and in four hours you can build your electricity generation system.

Pros of Backyard Revolution

1. The best advantage is that the user stops relying on the national grid for electricity generation. Having a power generation system eliminates the worries of unpredictable spikes in the monthly energy bills.

2. Backyard Revolution takes a very small space of the property than the traditional solar panels. Thus, living in an apartment with limited space, there is still a place to set this device. It can be installed in the home conspicuously without the noticing of neighbors.

3. Once this solar device is built, there is no need for maintenance at all. The important thing is to find the place at the property where it gets the maximum sunlight for two hours a day. It is okay if the device is placed at the same spot for years.

As compared to traditional solar panels who require maintenance occasionally, this system is inexpensive and work for many years without needing any maintenance.

4. The instructions are very easy to follow and are in simple language understandable by anyone. Therefore, it doesn’t require any technical background to build the power generation source.

5. Whenever buying any product online, the buyer always has some hesitation for the product never seen before. Before checking out, a thought always came in mind that it can be a scam.

Well, in this case, there is no need to worry about losing any money. If the device does not work as promised, the customers have the right to get their money. According to the course author, this device should be tested for two months and then see whether it works or not.

Cons of Backyard Revolution

1. The book has no audio format, so the customer has to read it till the end.

2. This can only be purchased online.


Backyard Revolution reviews


Backyard Revolution can give a non-stop electricity supply, but also reduce the electricity bills. This is available online at a very minimal cost and works for years. Installing this system at home helps in saving money and illuminates the house at the same time.

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