Social Justice

Child Abuse in the Near-Sacrifice of Isaac

Photo credit: rzrxtion (pronounced resurrection) on Visualhunt / CC BY “The history of childhood is a nightmare from which we have only recently begun to awaken,” says psychoanalyst Lloyd DeMause, who has uncovered extensive research that reveal pre-20th century, every single parent child relationship would be prosecuted for abuse and neglect. Infanticide, abandonment, child battery,…

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The Theology of my Toyota

“If theology can be used to oppress, murder, and brutalize women, black people, trans people, queer people, bisexual people, and people with disabilities; then why can’t theology be used to liberate us, dignify us, and renew us?” This is a quote from Broderick Greer at a keynote speech at the Gay Christian Network Conference this…

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Pop, Goes the Christian Bubble

Growing up in an evangelical missionary community, it was central to the formation of our Christian identity to integrate a keen sense of outreach. “People need the Lord ~~” we’d sing passionately in chapel, and dynamic speakers were brought in to compel us with a sense of urgency to go out and reach the world…

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Five Ways to Listen Well

The word listen contain the same letters as the word ‘silent.’ ~ Alfred Brendel I am a good listener. This is who I am and not just an narcissistic opinion but one that is confirmed by my closest friends. It may not be obvious to my readers, because through my words you only hear my…

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