Life Changers

Life Changers – RCU Edition

Writing News: As many know, I have been writing¬†my second book on Raising Children UnFundamentalist. My big news in this publishing journey is that I have signed a literary agent who will represent me to publishers who may be interested in this book. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know much of what the…

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Life Changers – 11/13/15

I am SUPER EXCITED to launch a brand new Facebook Group titled after my blog series, Raising Children UnFundamentalist.¬†Here is the description for the group: This is a group for Christian parents who are committed to raising their kids in a faith that isn’t hierarchical, controlling and fundamentalist. We are parents who want to see…

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Life Changers 10/31/15

My friend Kim says, “Not every story has a fairy tale ending.” For those following my journey with friends battling cancer here in Taiwan, I am sorry to announce that Rick died on October 23 at 13:46, Taiwan time. I send my sincerest condolences to all of Rick’s loved ones. I did not know him,…

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Writing News and Life-Changing Links

WRITING NEWS: I will be expanding my Raising Children Un-Fundamentalist blog series into a book. I am not chasing book deals. If a publisher comes knocking, great, if not, it’s never been simpler to self-publish. Thanks so much for sharing the series, and if you’re interested in the upcoming book, please stay connected and join…

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Life Changers 6/12/15

Aaaand…just like that, my love for podcasts has turned into straight-up addiction. I have become expert at living life with my bluetooth in my ear–as well as engaging in conversation with people in my earpiece who cannot, in fact, actually hear me. So, if you see a lady talking theology to herself while picking up…

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