Featured Posts

This is a collection of some of my best pieces which have been shared the most on the internets or been featured on other platforms.

Most popular pieces from the Huffington Post:

Irreverence is the New Reverent & How I Kissed Evangelism Goodbye.


Friendship as Justice – This was my first piece to be featured on the Sojo blog. I’m honored to be writing alongside amazing people of faith who are also deeply concerned for social justice. Truly, they are my tribe.

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 Other posts on Sojo.


How Captain America does NOT save my Day – featured on the wildly popular blog, Momastery.




I write for the beautiful community of women at SheLoves magazine. Check out a featured post here.


We Should Listen to Louis C.K. – I wrote this guest post at Zack Hunt’s blog, American Jesus.


The Gift of Longing to Belong – Marilyn Gardner at Communicating Across Boundaries graciously hosted this post. See other guests posts for Marilyn here.


Guest Post at A Life Overseas. – I write about TCKs and Faith at this missions blog. 

I have  published for Geez Magazine, which is available in (recycled) paper format.


Featured in Taipei Times, one of two daily English newspapers published locally in Taiwan.

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