Episode 26: How to Parent while going through a Spiritual Migration with Brian McLaren

By Cindy Brandt | November 26, 2018

Show Description: Brian McLaren, like many of us, grew up fundamentalist and then evangelical, and he has been a thought leader in forging a path forward to finding a way to sustain faith that is inclusive and healthy for the world. I am honored to invite him onto the show today to give us some…

Episode 25: Good Christian Sex with Bromleigh McCleneghan

By Cindy Brandt | November 19, 2018

Show Description: There’ no getting around the awkwardness of talking to kids about sex, but it’s also a critical conversation to have if we want our children to grow into healthy sexuality. Parenting Forward is here to help! Join my conversation with Bromleigh McClenghan, pastor and author of the book, “Good Christian Sex,” as we…

Episode 24: Little Faith Podcast Crossover

By Cindy Brandt | November 14, 2018

We talk about my cultural background, my faith, and the ways my kids are surprising me these days. Havilah is a warm, inviting podcast host and she did a great job of drawing stories out of me. Be sure to check out Little Faith if you don’t know about it already.

Episode 23: First Q&A Episode! Special Guest: Brad Jersak

By Cindy Brandt | November 8, 2018

I answer questions from what to do if grandparents are spouting Right Wing rhetoric at my teenage son, to how to talk about the cross with 6 year olds, to how to raise our children to care about social justice.

Episode 22: Surviving a Cult with Carly Gelsinger

By Cindy Brandt | November 8, 2018

Carly and I share shenanigans of growing up evangelical, where we are spiritually these days, and how she’s parenting her kids having lived the life she had.

Episode 21: Interfaith Parenting with Susan Katz Miller

By Cindy Brandt | November 8, 2018

In this conversation, I ask her to dismantle some of the misconceptions surrounding interfaith families, what it takes to “make it work,” what are the logistics of family life to contain rituals of more than one faith, and how the children of interfaith families respond to their upbringing.

Episode 20: Raising White Kids in a Racially Unjust World

By Cindy Brandt | October 15, 2018

Show Description: Raising white kids is to raise children in a vexed location, at the intersection of whiteness and childhood. White children experience the smog of toxic white supremacy and yet are often silenced and rendered incapable of navigating racial tensions and build meaningful relationships with peers of color. Today, I invite Jennifer Harvey, the…

Episode 19: Andi Cumbo-Floyd – Infertility, Miscarriage, Entering Parenthood at 43

By Cindy Brandt | October 8, 2018

Show Description: Andi Cumbo-Floyd is a writer, editor, and writing coach, who recently entered the season of motherhood at the older age of 43. She struggled with infertility and miscarriage before giving birth to her baby boy Milo, and she share vulnerably of that emotional roller coaster to parenthood in this episode. Andi lives on…

Episode 18: Stereotypes of Mixed Race Children Debunked – Sharon Chang

By Cindy Brandt | October 1, 2018

Show Description: “Domination is built by binaries.” My guest today explains why the race conversation in America is often flattened to the white-on-black binary and erases other races and mixed race folks. Sharon Chang is an author and race activist and we have an interesting and informative conversation about her mixed race family and how…

Episode 16: What Shall we Tell The Children in Trump era?

By Cindy Brandt | September 24, 2018

When November 2016, and the election results were final, many of us were shocked, scared, and confused. Parents, in particular, couldn’t fathom how we could talk to our children when violations of basic decency were put on display and voted in the highest office in the United States.