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What would you do if you could read twice as fast? And not only read faster, but comprehend as well?

For most of us, we would love to gain knowledge to help in our jobs and everyday lives. We would read countless books to learn new skills, earn a promotion, or start our own business. Maybe you would love to solve a medical mystery or discover something new.

Chances are, there are a lot of things you could do if you were able to read and comprehend faster. The Super Reading Quest from Mindvalley, instructed by Jim Kwik, is your answer to faster reading and comprehension.

The First Time You Learned to Read

You probably don’t remember learning to read. You may have memories of your parents or a teacher reading to you, but for most of your life you have been able to read and comprehend what you read.

When we learn to read around the age of six, we follow a very specific process. We start by sounding out words and reading aloud. Over time as we improve our skills, we read silently. There’s an inner voice in your head, your voice, that speaks the words. Then, you never learn to read again.

Sure, you get better at reading and your comprehension improves. But you never go through the process of learning how to read again. With the traditional method of learning to read, your rate of reading is limited to how fast you can talk.

Information Overload

In today’s technology-focused world, we are overrun by information. The digital overload is quickly making the traditional method of learning to read outdated. There is no way for our brains to process, absorb, and comprehend all of the information available to us.

As much as we would like to read and learn more, it’s just not possible with traditional methods. It is difficult to gain and retain new knowledge. We do not have the time to dedicate to reading and processing all of the information.

Who is Jim Kwik?

Today, Jim Kwik is known as the Hollywood Brain Coach, but when he was a child he was known as the “boy with the broken brain.” After a traumatic brain injury at age five, Jim found it hard to focus in school and remember what he was learning.

Over time, he realized that our brain is one of the most powerful resources we have. He dedicated his career to learning about the brain. Now, Jim is an accelerated learning expert who provides training and educational resources to people all over the world, including celebrities and top performers. He is also the instructor for Super Reading Quest.

What is the Super Reading Quest?

The Super Reading Quest from Mindvalley is designed to turn your brain into a supercomputer. It allows your brain to achieve its natural capacity and work smarter. The program begins by determining how fast you currently read and at what level you comprehend. This provides a baseline to judge your progress.

From there, the course is laid out to stack neurostimulous techniques on memory retention and speed reading. It promises to expand your learning capacity by using both hemispheres of your brain at the same time. Throughout the course, your brain is signaled to enlarge its capacity in order to take in new stimuli.

As your brain craves more information, it is able to process and store more information which improves your retention rate. Speed drills incorporated into the course provide a unique mental workout to ensure that your brain’s expanded abilities are permanent. By the end of the course, you will be able to have laser-focus and speed read while extracting all of the information you are learning.

How does the Super Reading Quest Work?

The Super Reading Quest begins today. All participants start the course at the same time, creating a community of peers to engage and co-create with. The course features 21 days of guidance that requires just 15 to 20 minutes each day.

The course is broken up into three sections that last one week each. Section one focuses on the foundations of speed reading. You will learn about your brain’s natural ability to expand and how to remove the obstacles in your path to learning. This section includes:

  • Learning how many words you read per minute to begin
  • Identifying obstacles in the way of your reading
  • Learning how to improve your focus
  • How to anchor your visual width
  • How to read a book in a week

Week two is all about enhancing your reading speed. The courses uses specific tools to help you retrain your brain. You will naturally increase your reading speed without taking hours of your day. This section includes:

  • How to retrain the way you learned to read
  • Speed drills to increase how many words you can read per minute
  • Using your peripheral vision to take in more information
  • Power questions to increase your comprehension
  • Answer to all of your speed reading questions

The final week of the course focuses on Jim’s tips to advance your comprehension and improve your focus. He shares his personal techniques to help you learn more at faster speeds. This is the final step in unlocking your Super Reading ability. This section includes

  • Tips for note-taking
  • How to learn faster and develop skills
  • Stretching your mental capacity
  • How to skim
  • Transformative reading techniques

By the end of the course, Jim promises you will boost your memory and comprehension. You will also be reading at speeds twice as fast as before and retaining greater amounts of information.

Does the Super Reading Quest Really Work?

Jim Kwik’s expertise is sought out all over the world. CEOs, celebrities, and industry leaders seek out his advice to improve their own reading and comprehension on a regular basis. Jim’s students have reported the following impressive results:

  • Feeling empowered
  • Ability to speed read
  • Keeping the brain feeling young
  • The feeling of a super power
  • Learning quickly
  • Advantages in business
  • Better memory
  • Efficient learning

How Much Does the Super Reading Quest Cost?

This course is typically more than $1000, but you can unlock the special early-bird enrollment discount if you enroll now. Mindvalley is offering the course at just $549 to get as much feedback on the material as quickly as possible.

Thousands of students are already prepared to start the Super Reading Quest on September 23, 2019. You can also be confident in your investment because there is a 10-day trial period. If you do not see significant improvements within the first ten days of the course, you can receive a refund.

Is the Super Reading Quest for You?

If you are interested in acquiring new skills quickly and gaining an edge in your professional life, you should invest in the Super Reading Quest. This is a one-time chance to access Jim Kwik’s impressive knowledge and advice at an incredibly low cost.

Thanks to the Mindvalley platform, you can connect with a community of peers on a similar quest. Gain success in any area within just 21 days. Once you complete the course, you will be amazed at the potential you unlock.

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