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That Time I Hated Someone

Growing up conservative Christian there were a lot of protocols. Christian culture can be very formulaic. There were the prayers you had to pray a certain way, the testimonies of prescribed narratives that you told, and cookie cutter advice you gave to people in crisis. One particular policy procedure was how to proceed when you…

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Still an Angry Christian

Last year, I wrote a post titled I am An Angry Christian, celebrating the gift of anger (which recently breathed new life on the angry women blog.) I’m glad I wrote it, as it serves as a manifesto for myself, a reminder of how my anger compels me to hope–especially since the time of that…

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I am an Angry Christian

**Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support and response to the Terrible Christian Series. I have been thrilled to share the stories of my friends on here, but I’m also excited to be back for the final post in the series.** Anger has a bad rap. Anger is in bed with violence, destruction, vitriol. Unchecked anger…

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