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Are Christianity and Art Mutually Exclusive?

I am a little late to the train, but I have been watching the netflix original series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The first episode had me laughing out loud almost the entire time. I adore Ellie Kemper, she does an amazing job playing the role of a 29 year old rescued out of a cult, trying…

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What Saved My Faith

It was the beauty on the outside that drew me away. Before social justice became trendy among evangelicals, people of all denominations, faiths, and philosophies had already been steadily working in the trenches without fanfare, caring for the least of these with a quiet strength. Through seminary, I learned to grapple with justice being at…

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I am an Angry Christian

**Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support and response to the Terrible Christian Series. I have been thrilled to share the stories of my friends on here, but I’m also excited to be back for the final post in the series.** Anger has a bad rap. Anger is in bed with violence, destruction, vitriol. Unchecked anger…

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Beauty in the Margins

The common mistaken notion: creativity is luxury for the elite. After all, those who face grinding poverty worry about the next meal with no excess time or energy for art. On Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, those with limited resources are concerned with meeting physiological needs, the tip of the pyramid containing creativity lay desperately out…

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