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All I want for Christmas is the Gift of Uncertainty

Have you ever been enamored by a child’s sense of wonder? Their incredulous awe in myths like the tooth fairy and Santa, their wide-eyed anticipation of unwrapping a present? We are most inspired by the unknown.  A magic trick – how did they do it?! A movie with surprising plot twists. A news scandal shrouded…

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Guest Post – Christmas Overseas

I’m privileged to be writing over at Communicating Across Boundaries again today with a Christmas post: While consumerism drives the secular world into a frenzy with pinterest pretty decorations and glamorous bags of gifts, all God’s people are driven ragged with a similar impulse to pack the calendar full of evangelistic events, and we emerge…

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Selfless Good Deed?

“Where charity stands watching and faith hold wide the door the dark night wakes – the glory breaks, Christmas comes once more.” – Phillips Brooks Non profits ramp up their marketing efforts during the holiday season in order to benefit from the time of the year associated with giving. Something about the lights and the…

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Resources for Advent

I wasn’t raised in a religious family and never participated in church traditions growing up. During college, I was drawn to a church with liturgical service. I meditated over the ancient creeds, cited by memory the back and forth cadence between celebrant and the people, and marveled at the changing colors of albs. Following the…

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