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Deconstructing Heaven

As much as I find the Christian tradition, as well as other religious traditions’ versions of the after life fascinating, beautiful, and hopeful, I have to believe that it is also a total and complete mystery. Everyone last one of us is an agnostic about the after life if we are honest with ourselves. Whatever belief we have is speculation, no matter how earnestly that speculation may be held.

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Rejecting Passionless Hope

This post is part 8 of my Summer Series featuring each of the Ten Christian Voices We Can’t Ignore from my e-book, Outside In, which you can get for free by subscribing to my newsletter here. Today I am excited to introduce my friend, Jessica Kelley. She and I have a somewhat morbid relationship in which we love to talk…

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Born Again, or Blind?

I am more and more convinced that beauty lies in the margins. Raised in evangelicalism, we often prayed to reach those who remain in the darkness, that God would open their eyes and see the truth. We had been born again. A veil had been magically lifted off our eyes, welcoming us into the land…

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How to be Significant

I’ve pondered death as long as I’ve been literate. I devoured Chinese folklore picture books depicting 18 levels of hell each with their unique forms of torture. While other carefree preschoolers busied themselves playing games in the playground, I stayed inside and read stories about mythical kings who turned their kingdoms upside down in order…

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I am a Sad Christian

**This is the first installment of the I am a Terrible Christian Series. I shared in the grief of my friend Iris, just a mere three days before I gave birth to my own baby boy, as she lost hers. And now, I am humbled to share her words here in this space. Iris, thank…

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