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I am Gay Affirming

“I go to church. I want to learn about God. I slip quietly into the pews, and listen to the Word of God preached from the pulpit. I don’t talk to others and leave quickly after the service.” My Taiwanese trans friend tells me this about his desperate hunger for God. The church he attends…

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How to Care about Climate Change When You’re Not The Pope

The religious community is abuzz with commentary on the Pope’s recently released encyclical on climate change and the moral imperative to address its consequences, borne disproportionately on the backs of the global poor. Caring for our environment as a theological concern is not a hard sell in most of the world. The question is how…

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Beyond the Numbers of the PEW Survey: is the Church Dying?

What is one of the first things new parents announce when their baby is born? 8 pounds 11 ounces. Proud parents share the birthweight of their bundle of joy, reveling in the amount of precious space junior has carved out in this world. It seems from the moment we are born, our lives are constrained…

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