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You are Raising a Good Kid

Big congrats to fellow Christian blogger, Rachel Held Evans, and her husband for the arrival of their baby boy. Rachel has helped me and so many others put words to our faith evolution, and as she becomes a mother, I am selfishly hopeful she will share some of her reflections on parenting with shifting faith.…

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Terrible Christian Series

When I wrote this piece a while back on the lack of space within the church for lament, I noticed there is a whole host of negative emotions we are wary of attaching with Christianity. We are uncomfortable with the angry Christian, the depressed Christian, the grieving Christian, the doubting Christian, the shameful Christian, and more. Christian culture…

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Five Tips on Friending a TCK

I often think it takes a special person to befriend a TCK. The other day, I gathered with a bunch of women by the pool, most of whom were acquaintances and some were brand new faces. We chatted topics of work, men, family, and passed a baby around, as women do. This sweet baby girl…

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