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Art & Justice

A few years ago, at the height of my faith deconstruction, I was being swallowed whole by cynicism. My soul was so raw, the naivete of my childhood faith ruthlessly stripped away as I was learning hard lessons in the world. I don’t even remember how I behaved outwardly at the time, friends tell me…

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Tired of Justice

“Which chapter has been the hardest to write?” My friend Kate asks as I express anxiety at the overwhelming task I had writing a chapter on racism in my Unfundamentalist Parenting book. “All of them,” as I recall recently finishing my chapter on economic justice as it relates to children—how enormous the challenges we face in our…

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Let’s Talk About Sin

Because it’s been a while. I have all but ousted the word “sin” from my Christian lexicon, referring instead to the more palatable-sounding, “brokenness,” or the human “problem”. As a bilingual, cross cultural worker, and a writer—I believe as Christians we have much liberty to constantly re-imagine the words we use to speak of our…

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Heavy Boy, Light Girl – SheLoves

It is frustrating, for those of us who only know the lightning speed of information travel and enjoy the amplification of social media broadcasting, to remember just how long it takes for cultural change to take root. In our haste for liberation, and even though justice delayed is justice denied, we must remember that lasting change…

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