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Permission to Complain

Christian women have a tendency to seek permission before expressing frustration. Perhaps it’s a non critical embrace of the biblical exhortation to “do everything without complaining or arguing” (Phil. 2:14); or it is in idealizing an attitude of sacrifice, we have learned to suppress the urge to vent unhappiness in our lives. Complaining about coworkers,…

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Irreverence is the New Reverent

Faith: the dealing with the meaning of life, the matter of eternal salvation, the bedrock upon which we build our families and society, this is serious stuff. Irreverence, by definition, is a lack of respect for that which is serious. It would seem that finding faith in the irreverent is impossible, like searching for the…

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Terrible Christian Series

When I wrote this piece a while back on the lack of space within the church for lament, I noticed there is a whole host of negative emotions we are wary of attaching with Christianity. We are uncomfortable with the angry Christian, the depressed Christian, the grieving Christian, the doubting Christian, the shameful Christian, and more. Christian culture…

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Guest Posting for the American Jesus

I am excited to be guest posting over at Zack Hunt’s awesome-ous blog, the American Jesus today. I talk about how the Church needs to listen to Louis C.K and allow ourselves to lament: It’s not comfortable to be sad. We have figured out ways to avoid it with our stuff, our feel-good testimonies, and…

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