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He’s Not That into You

People who are in a relationship sometimes have their judgment clouded by the intense feelings that surround every relationship dynamic. For instance, recently a girl friend started dating a boy who does not treat her with the respect and kindness I think she deserves. When I pointed it out to her, she says to me,…

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That Time I Hated Someone

Growing up conservative Christian there were a lot of protocols. Christian culture can be very formulaic. There were the prayers you had to pray a certain way, the testimonies of prescribed narratives that you told, and cookie cutter advice you gave to people in crisis. One particular policy procedure was how to proceed when you…

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7 Ways TCKs Lived ahead of the Digital Era

If you are a TCK, like me, who remembers growing up without the internet, you may have noticed some trends in people’s behavior online these days that aren’t so foreign to you. Here are 7 ways TCKs are ahead of the times before the advent of the digital age. 1. Sustaining Long Distance Relationships. Long…

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Five Reasons to Friend TCKs

In my previous post I suggested it takes a special person to befriend a TCK and the five ways we need your grace. In addition to being eternally grateful for the people in our lives for sticking with us, we, too, bring special grace infusing benefits to our relationships. Here are five ways: Carpe Diem! We know how…

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Five Tips on Friending a TCK

I often think it takes a special person to befriend a TCK. The other day, I gathered with a bunch of women by the pool, most of whom were acquaintances and some were brand new faces. We chatted topics of work, men, family, and passed a baby around, as women do. This sweet baby girl…

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