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What I’m learning – Intersectionality

I heard someone say that facebook is who you went to school with and twitter is who you wish you went to school with. It was on twitter where I first learned of the term “Intersectionality.” Most of the people I follow on twitter are 120% smarter than me, so often it’s like cracking open…

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Everything I Learned at Fuller

*Today I am picking up the Faith Shift blog series, where I unfold my own story of faith shifting as laid out in Kathy Escobar’s book, Faith Shift. Last week, I talked about fusing my faith, a time in my life when I found security in the certainty of my faith, and the gifts evangelicalism…

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Should Our Children Submit or Subvert?

Progressive Christian parenting is exhausting.  On the one hand we want to raise social justice warriors—kids who champion against inequality, care for the vulnerable, and subvert the power systems in our world by embodying the prophetic ways of Jesus. We want to activate their imagination and hope they do better than we did. Whether we…

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What Saved My Faith

It was the beauty on the outside that drew me away. Before social justice became trendy among evangelicals, people of all denominations, faiths, and philosophies had already been steadily working in the trenches without fanfare, caring for the least of these with a quiet strength. Through seminary, I learned to grapple with justice being at…

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Our Complicity in the Scandal of Somaly Mam

Last month a piece broke from Newsweek, launching a richly reported accusation against an activist superstar in the development field of human trafficking, Somaly Mam.  According to Newsweek, there is significant evidence pointing to falsehoods in the back story of Mam. The details regarding how she was sold into a brothel and the amount of…

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